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1.Why choose our Sheepto™ PREBIO?

Sheepto™ PREBIO has 14 nutritious vegetables and berries, rich in high-quality fiber, vitamin C and prebiotic. Each serving contains 20g of soluble and insoluble fiber dietary fiber to meet our daily needs. It helps maximize the absorption of nutrients and vitamins in humans. It will make your body healthier and stronger than ever.

2.What is prebiotic?

PREBIO nutritional ingredients contain prebiotic to provide “food” for the beneficial intestinal flora. It is a kind of microorganism that can improve the balance of human intestinal flora and is beneficial to human health. It can maintain intestinal health and prevent diarrhea, constipation and Intestinal problems such as colon cancer.

3.Sheepto™ PREBIO is suitable for?

-Constipation caused by busy work and not eating on time, irregular work and rest, indigestion, not eating green food, eating less fruit.

-Those who are bedridden for a long time or the elderly have slow bowel movements due to low activity.

-People who do not like activities and exercise, often feel fatigued and easily catch colds.

-Toxins are absorbed by tissues in the body, causing bad breath, body odor, facial pigmentation, acne, acne, etc.

-The abdomen is swollen and the weight keeps increasing, which leads to obesity.

-“High blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar” of the three high family.

4.When is the best time to drink PREBIO?

It is recommended to drink 2 to 3 sachets a week, and you can choose to drink it after lunch or dinner. People with severe constipation can drink 1 sachet a day, and keep taking 2 to 3 sachets for a week until it is smooth.

5.How long is the effect after drinking?

Generally, you will experience bowel movement 6 to 8 hours after consumption.

6.How to get the best results after drinking?

Drink more water after drinking PREBIO helps to flush out more toxins and waste.


7. Do I need to detox if I don’t have constipation?

The food we eat usually turns into feces after a few hours, so we should have three bowel movements after three meals a day. Have you done it? Is every bowel movement clean? The human intestines are four or five times longer than their height, and at most 60% is excreted once a day. The remaining 40% is accumulated in the intestines. Over time, the intestines are full of waste. What’s more, everything we eat now contains various additives, which are converted into toxins and accumulate in the body.

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