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1. Why choose Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta?

Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta is a live cell therapy that is rich in active cells of the Sheep Placenta. The soft capsule contains other ingredients that help promote cell regeneration, repair and maintain various tissues and organs, and restore the body to a young and healthy body. Our sheep placenta extract can effectively treat fresh scars, burns, hyperpigmentation and other skin problems.

2.How does Sheepto™ get Sheep Placenta?

Sheepto™ sheep placenta live cells are taken from the fresh sheep placenta after delivery, so there is no need to slaughter the sheep. Then use advanced and good freeze-drying technology to preserve the active cells during the period.

3. What quality assurance does Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta have?

Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta has been recognized by many international regulatory and quality organizations, such as Australia’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) certification. Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta is a product manufactured under strict quality management and strictly abides by the guidelines of international health and safety standards. Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta is absolutely safe to take.

4. How does Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta work?

The active cells contained in Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta can promote the growth and function of existing tissues, allow the living cells to activate the “sleeping” cells in the body, and create new ganglia and connective tissues. It is a non-toxic health nutritional supplement that can improve the overall function of the body.

5. Why do we need to take Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta?

Due to various bad living habits and environmental pollution, a large number of free radicals are produced in the body. Free radicals can damage human cells and tissues and are also the culprit of aging. Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta not only contains high antioxidants, which can effectively prevent free radicals from damaging cells, it is also rich in active ingredients of living cells, which can promote the renewal and renewal of circulating and aging cells and tissues.

6. Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta Applicable Age

Over the age of 20, women/men who have unbalanced water and oil secretion and are troubled by blackheads and acne marks. Endocrine dysfunction, poor skin quality, oily and dark skin.

For women over 55, especially after giving birth, the cells in the body begin to oxidize rapidly, the skin is loose and inelastic, wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes, and the skin is rough and dark yellow. Menopause is a life stage that women cannot cross. It is suitable to take sheep placenta for conditioning. It can help menopausal women activate cell renewal and repair in the body, increase the level of internal secretion, regulate endocrine and the discomfort caused by menopause, delay aging and restore youth.

-For men over the age of 40-60, the skin’s stem cells begin to degenerate, causing uneven skin tone and deepening of wrinkles. Chronic bone and blood vessel degeneration: joints, chronic rheumatism, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, insufficient blood circulation in limbs and brain.

7. Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta is suitable for people

For men/women who have a long-term smoking habit, smoking will increase the mechanism of metalloproteinol in the body. This substance will greatly damage human cells and cause dry skin. Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta can regenerate collagen stem cells .

-For white-collar workers who use computers for a long time, computer radiation causes dull and dull skin. Hyaluronic acid and tocotrienols have good moisture replenishment and anti-radiation effects.

-Women/men who are under high work pressure and often stay up late, lack adequate sleep, dry skin, dullness, fine lines, severe dark circles, taking Sheepto™ placenta can increase skin hydration and activate good cells for regeneration .

8. How many capsules of Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta are best to take a day? When?

Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta can take 1 capsule per day. Use 30 minutes before breakfast for easier absorption. If you take 2 capsules a day, the effect will be faster, and the effect is best if taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

9. Is it suitable to take Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta after surgery?

After the operation, it is recommended to take 1 capsule a day, one hour before or one hour after taking the medicine. Sheep placenta can accelerate the renewal and repair of body function cells, which can effectively help the body to heal quickly.

10. How long will it take to be effective?

Take 1 to 2 capsules a day. After 5 to 10 days, it will significantly increase physical and mental energy, promote a sounder sleep, and moisturize and care for the skin, significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines, reduce pores and reduce sedimentation pigment. Everyone’s response is different, so the effect of treatment varies from person to person.

12. Do you want to continue after the treatment?

If you agree with its benefits, you may continue to take it. What’s more, long-term use will not cause any side effects. Even if you stop taking it, the body will not have any dependence.

13. Will there be any side effects from taking Sheepto™ Placenta for a long time?

According to reports, the sheep placenta cell therapy that has existed so far in the past 70 years has not reported any side effects. Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta is manufactured in full compliance with international safety standards. It is not a drug, but registered as a medicinal supplement such as vitamins.

14. During taking Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta, what symptoms will occur?

When taking the first meal, some people will face mild discomfort, and these symptoms are actually the so-called body repair and improvement response. If the symptoms persist, you can take 1 capsule every other day. After 5 to 7 days, gradually increase the intake to once a day, 1 capsule each time.

15. If I stop taking Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta, my health will be restored?

Yes, every cell has a limited lifespan. As time flies, cells begin to weaken and age, and environmental pollution, food additives, irregularities in eating habits and stress accelerate the aging process. Therefore, if you can take Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta for a long time, it will help delay the aging of cells and organs, making it easier for you to retain your youthful beauty and youthful appearance.

16. What is an active soft gel ?

The active soft gel technology can ensure that each Sheepto™ Sheep Placenta Capsule’s unique ingredients can withstand gastric acid. This capsule is designed to dissolve in the intestine so that the active placental cells can be absorbed by the body more effectively.

17. Who is not suitable to take Sheep Placenta?

It is recommended that women who are preparing for pregnancy and pregnant women ask their doctor first and children should not take it.

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